Friday, October 11, 2013

My Radiant Life

How do I live a radiant life?  Sometimes, I think I'm still trying to figure it out, but I think I am happiest when I am either being creative or learning about being creative or reading about others creativity. I love that we have access to the internet. I love my craft books, but I love searching online for new and different crafts and artists. 

I love following blogs and get inspired by all the creative people out there. Sometimes I wonder how important it is to read and follow all these creative blogs, then I get time to read them and I get totally inspired. This morning I got an email that I actually had time to read. I found another block of the month quilt a long to add to my library of projects. This one was from the "One Piece At A Time" blog which linked me to an aurafil thread blog. Once there I printed off all of this years blocks so far. Then I found last years quilt a long and printed those off. I wish I had time to read about each designer and will definitely take time to go back and read them. Threre was also a Christmas ornament quilt a long that I need to look into. Skimming all those posts also inspired me to take a look at my "studio" and figure out how to make it better!

I don't know if you can tell from my writing, but I am so excited just writing about this. If I were independently wealthy, I think I would spend a ton if time reading about crafting, buying crafting supplies, and completing projects. I'm not idependently wealthy. I have three kids, a husband (a teacher), a part time job (as a social worker), and not a whole lot I time or money, but when I am crafting or with my family I am in heaven!  Now I just need to stop finding new projects and start working on some. If I could find a job where I could use my love of creativity, life would be pretty much perfect!

How do you live a radiant life?


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