Monday, October 7, 2013

Spirit/Goddess Dolls

I keep trying to figure out what I can make and teach that speaks to me.  While I was doing some research, I found spirit dolls/goddess dolls/therapeutic dolls.  I am finding them interesting. I really need to make some and see how I like it, see if it really speaks to me.  If it does, I may talk to a friend who is looking to have people come to her studio and teach, and see if I can teach a class.

I think one of the things I love about these dolls is the different media that can be used.  I have seen all sorts of fabrics used, beads, paint, clay, and many other different media.  I also really like the idea of putting an intention into the doll.  I know that I still need to research more about it, but I am really looking forward to learning more about these dolls as well as actually making them.  This could be a great way to combine social work and art!

I decided to take part again in art every day month at  I have done this in the past and I think it has helped me to be more creative more often.  For me, having a goal and a way to be accountable without too much pressure is really helpful.  During the month of November, I'll be posting more about my creative pursuits every day or at least attempting to post every day.  There may be a lot of goddess dolls in the mix.


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