Friday, September 27, 2013

Starting To Feel Like I Am Getting Plan Together

I keep thinking about what it is that I want to do with my life and what direction I want to take my career.  I keep going back to something creative.  Yes, I love the idea of nutrition also, but I think my real love and passion is in the creative arts field.  I have been doing some research and I think there are definitely creative arts areas that I enjoy that can be considered therapeutic.  I am thinking doll making, quilt making, card making and collage are all therapeutic areas that I enjoy and can actually complete and maybe even teach.  I am not a painter, sculptor, or other fine artist.  I have been concerned with wether or not I can actually be an art therapist since I am not a fine artist.  After spending some time research, I am feeling much more positive about using my love of creativity as a therapeutic tool.

I am continuing my research on art therapy and doll making, art therapy and collage, and art therapy and quilt making.  I have found some interesting ideas and reasons why creating dolls, quilts, and collage is therapeutic.  I was thinking that painting and sculpting along with other fine arts is the only way to do art therapy.  I basically knew that the act of creating in and of itself is therapeutic, but I didn't think that making a quilt, for example, could have a therapeutic influence.  I've seen reference to the cutting of whole cloth into smaller pieces, sewing it back together, creating warmth  and comfort.  Then there is the act of creating a wish doll.  I was searching on YouTube and I found this  I decided to make a wish doll with my 4 1/2 year old daughter.  Her wish was for a wedding dress.  This is the outcome:

I have also watched this video, but on my phone:  I now want to watch this on the reagular computer and see what else I can learn.  I am also going to do a little more research into collage and see what I can figure out.  I first learned about soul collage in grad school and bought a couple of books on it.  I think it's time to start reading more about it and start putting some of these things into action.

I am feeling a lot more hopeful about having a radiant career.  I am really looking forward to learning more and maybe even putting an actual plan into place!


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